Camelback Mountain Resort

About Camelback

Camelback Mountain Resort is a haven within the Pocono Mountains, existing for the sole purpose of allowing you, your family and friends to enjoy winter fun to its fullest.  We build, refine, tweak, finesse, invent, train and toil to make this winter resort the destination you will think of as Your Camelback after just one visit.

Your Camelback is a place where kids can be kids…and adults can be too. It offers you a year-round supply of unadulterated fun. Your Camelback challenges if allowed to, but never intimidates.  It’s a place that is both lively and quiet no matter what hour of the day.  It’s a place that has something for everyone to enjoy no matter what race, color or creed and doesn't care what equipment you use to traverse its slopes or what clothes you wear to keep you comfortable.  Your Camelback speaks many languages, but no matter what language is yours, “WINTER FUN” is always translated here.

Come out and find Your Camelback and experience WINTER FUN like never before. 

SkiVanPool provides luxury and comfortable transportation to
Camelback from  all boroughs in NYC and surrounding areas. Ther is no need for you to drive to the ski mounting when you can enjoy your trip in a comfortable bus that can fit all your friends and gear.